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Condominium Purchase

Condominiums can offer their purchasers the freedom, security and convenience of not having to worry about the ongoing maintenance of an entire structure. But when choosing a condominium, you must ensure that its rules match your lifestyle, and that status of the unit and the health of the condominium corporation are sound.

Guertin Lawyers is experienced in reviewing condominium status certificates and bylaws. We ensure that no special assessments, loans or liens exist on the property, and help you understand the condominium's financials, rules and regulations. Our thorough examination will show you what to look for in a condominium, and will help ensure the condo you purchase is right for your lifestyle. To help you effectively budget and plan your condo purchase, we offer:

  • No-surprise pricing. We have fixed fees for our services. See Our Prices for more detail.
  • No-charge conversations. We won't charge you for each phone call or meeting you have with us – it's all part of the service in our fixed pricing. We'll help you understand the condominium set up, which aspects you own exclusively and which you have an interest in.
  • Information and education. Numerous steps and details must be attended to during a real estate transaction. Drawing on an 80-year tradition, we've collected much of the information you'll need in the Tools & Information section of this website. And, our door is open to you throughout the sale and purchase processes.
  • Exceptional client services. With a lawyer, mortgage finance consultant, and full staff trained in all aspects of real estate transactions, your questions will be answered and your needs addressed quickly and accurately.

This web site includes all the information you'll need to get started on your condo purchase with Guertin Lawyers today, including:

  1. The steps and unique aspects involved in buying a condo.
  2. A Cost Calculator to help you estimate the costs of your purchase and mortage.
  3. A Buyer's Checklist, which you should complete prior to meeting with us.

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