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The decision to purchase a smaller home or condominium is never an easy one, and you have many details to think about as you choose which items will move with you and where they will fit. Details of the real estate transaction shouldn't complicate matters.

At Guertin Lawyers, our experience enables us to help ensure both your sale and new purchse close efficiently and smoothly, without additional worry for you. We work closely with you and with your agent to ensure that the timing of the sale and new purchase are manageable for you. And, we help you effectively budget and plan your transition with:

  • No-surprise pricing. We have fixed fees for all our services. See Our Prices for more detail.
  • No-charge conversations. We won't charge you for each phone call or meeting you have with us – it's all part of the service in our fixed pricing.
  • Information and education. Numerous steps and details must be attended to during a real estate transaction. Drawing on an 80-year tradition, we've collected much of the information you'll need in the Tools & Information section of this website. And, our door is open to you throughout the sale and purchase processes.
  • Exceptional client services. With a lawyer, mortgage finance consultant, and full staff trained in all aspects of real estate transactions, your questions will be answered and your needs addressed quickly and accurately.

This web site includes all the information you'll need to get started on your purchase and sale with Guertin Lawyers today, including:

  1. The steps involved in purchasing a home and selling a home.
  2. The unique aspects of purchasing a condo.
  3. A Cost Calculator to help you estimate the costs of your purchase and mortgage.
  4. A Dual Transaction Checklist, which you should complete prior to meeting with us.

Contact us to receive a straightforward quotation and make an appointment.