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Refinancing a Home

You may wish to refinance an existing home to take advantage of changes in interest rates, to unlock some of the equity on your home, or to reduce your monthly cash flow requirements. Although your home will not be changing hands, refinancing involves a number of legal and financial milestones. An experienced real estate lawyer can ensure your refinancing is completed efficiently.

With decades of experience, Guertin Lawyers is familiar with all aspects of refinancing transactions on homes, including sub-searches of title and title insurance where required. To help you budget for a refinancing, we offer:

  • No-surprise pricing. We have a fixed fee for refinancing. See Our Prices for more detail.
  • No-charge conversations. We won't charge you for each phone call or meeting you have with us – it's all part of the service in our fixed pricing.
  • Information and education. You will need to provide various documents to proceed with refinancing, and numerous steps and details must be attended to. Drawing on an 80-year tradition, we've collected much of the information you'll need in the Refinancing a Home section of this website. And, our door is open to you throughout the sale and purchase processes.
  • Exceptional client services. With a lawyer, mortgage finance consultant, and full staff trained in all aspects of real estate transactions, your questions will be answered and your needs addressed quickly and accurately.

To get started with Guertin Lawyers today:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the steps involved in this.
  2. Know how much money you will need to complete the transaction.
  3. Complete the Refinancing Checklist before you meet with us..

Contact us to receive a straightforward quotation and make an appointment.