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Refinancing Checklist

If you are refinancing your home, you should prepare the following items before you visit us:

  1. Provide your real-estate agent with your lawyer's name, phone and fax numbers, so that your agent can provide us with the Agreement of Purchase and Sale.
    Note that it is a good idea to make yourself a separate list or schedule of the conditions of the offer – such as financing, a home inspection and any special considerations that are part of the offer – so that you remain aware of any time-sensitive material that could cause the offer to expire. You will also need to inform us when you waive any conditions that are part of the offer.
  2. Provide us with the following information for all mortgages and secured lines of credit that are registered on the title of the property:
    • Name of the lending institution
    • Branch & address
    • Contact person
    • Reference or docket number.
  3. Your contact information – provide us with your phone numbers where you can be reached, as well as your forwarding address.
  4. Names and dates of birth – we will need the name and date of birth of each person that appears on your title to the property.
  5. Confirm your spousal status (e.g. single, married, divorced, separated, etc.)
  6. Provide us with your most recent property tax bill and proof of payment of all taxes.
  7. Ensure that fire insurance is placed on the house before closing. Ask your insurance broker to provide us with an insurance binder prior to closing.
  8. If you are refinancing a condominium unit, we will need to know the name and phone number of the condominium corporation's property manager.