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Our Responsibilities to You

When you purchase a home, you inherit the history of that property – from the quality of its construction to any previous owners' utility arrears, to land and mineral claims that other parties may have on it. Likewise, when you sell a property, you are selling its history, which will be scrutinized by the purchaser.

Many professionals are critical to a successful real estate deal, and to ensuring that the home you purchase or sell is in good health and title. They include:

  • Your real estate agent or sale representative, who will help you make the most important decision: which home to purchase, or how best to offer a home for sale. They will help prepare the offer and take care of details of the sale.
  • For a new home, your builder will ensure the quality of the construction and status of the land it is build on. Builders are guided by the Ontario New Home Warranty Plan.
  • Your mortgage broker or lender can design a financial package to meet your individual needs. This may include pre-approving a mortgage, tailoring a final mortgage or helping you assemble your funds.
  • Closing the deal rests with your real estate lawyer. This is when all the pieces must come together to meet a deadline.

Our Responsibilities

Why do you need a lawyer when you purchase a home? Guertin Lawyers is responsible for bringing together all the details to successfully close your real estate transaction.

Generally and where applicable, you can expect us to:

  • Review your Agreement of Purchase and Sale and advise you of your rights, obligations and any special clauses
  • Estimate the costs involved in completing the transaction.
  • Advise you to arrange fire and extended coverage insurance prior to closing.
  • Obtain and review the existing building location survey or obtain a new one for you when required.
  • Do a complete search of title to ensure that the vendor has the right to sell the house and that no other party has a claim to the property.
  • Obtain and review an Estoppel Certificate in the case of a condo purchase.
  • Provide title insurance if you require it.
  • Obtain full details of your mortgage financing, act on instructions and ensure funds are available for closing.
  • Obtain a tax certificate, and if required determine the status of account, and verify tax adjustments.
  • Ensure there are no substantial utility account arrears and arrange for final meter readings on the day of closing.
  • Resolve any deficiency to your title to the property.
  • Prepare all necessary documents and explain their purpose to you.
  • Calculate, collect and remit the land transfer tax payable.
  • Advise you of the exact amount required to complete the purchase.
  • Register and close transaction.
  • Obtain keys and arrange to have them delivered to you on closing.
  • Prepare and provide a full report of the transaction.